Taking Charge of Your Relationship

Online Digital Training, by Better Yourself 365 includes:

10 hours of video lessons, 8 reflective exercises, workbook & implementation guide, relationship assessment, monthly Live Q&A sessions, private Facebook group, and BONUS video: “10 Secrets to Lasting Love”

Learn how to become a team with your partner and how to bring closeness in your relationship.


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When you finish Taking Charge of Your Relationship you will:

1. Feel reconnected as a team and recommitted to prioritizing your relationship

2. Finally know how to stop the negative communication loops that can take over your relationship and leave you feeling alone and disconnected

3. Know how to provide emotional safety to your partner

4. Have a Road Map to create the kind of relationship that lasts a lifetime

"Taking Charge of Your Relationship is FULL of hands-on, practical exercises to help you and your partner incorporate what you learn from Tina and Michael."

What You Get in this Incredible Offer:

  • 10 hours of video lessons with 2 experts
  • 8 Private exercises (total of 6 hours)
  • Video lessons are accessible for a lifetime
  • Lesson worksheets with exercises
  • BONUS 90-minute Video: '10 Secrets to Lasting Love'
  • Relationship assessment
  • Unlimited access to monthly Live Q&A video calls for on-going support
  • Private Facebook Group - 'Better Your Relationship'
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In this digital training you will:

  • Assess your relationship based on the 3 R's: Responsiveness, Risk-taking, and Respect
  • Learn about the Negative Interaction Cycles that can take over your relationship bond
  • Understand your role in your negative cycle and the impact it has on your partner
  • Become aware of your Emotional Triggers that are impacting how you communicate with your partner
  • Understand and practice the skill-set to better meet your partner's needs and create positive communication patterns
  • Learn the Skills and the Process of How to Repair from an Argument
  • Learn about Potential Blocks to Repairing from fights and disagreements.
  • Have a relationship-enhancing 'Healing Conversation' with your partner in order to heal old wounds or share current worries
  • Learn how to Prioritize your relationship
  • Learn how to bring a 'Growth Mindset' to your relationship and build resilience

Taking Charge of Your Relationship comes with

detailed worksheets attached to each lesson.

Tina LeBlanc

I'm Tina LeBlanc, a seasoned couples therapist and 1/2 of the Better Yourself 365 team. I have almost 20 years of experience helping couples work through relationship issues.

We have designed a digital online course that you can take with your partner, to help you build the skills and knowledge to TAKE ACTION together in making true changes in your relationship. This is a 4-module course that you take at your own pace in the comfort of your home. When you take this training seriously you can rest assured that you are building the solid foundation of your relationship. We have developed this program based on the same approach that we use in couples counselling - Emotionally Focused Therapy.


Michael LeBlanc

I'm Michael LeBlanc, a seasoned and certified therapist and the other 1/2 of BetterYourself365.

In this virtual training Tina and I will walk you through, step-by-step, on how to exit from a relationship cycle that is leaving you feeling helpless and alone, to one that feels empowered and emotionally connected - in just 6 weeks! There are lots of powerful couples exercises built-in and we will support you after you finish.

Can't wait to work with you!


We can't wait for you to join us on this journey.

- Tina and Michael LeBlanc

Husband and Wife, Certified Therapists & Relationship Experts

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