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*Most medical insurance plans will cover a portion of the cost for the counselling sessions (sometimes even the educational program)

**Only available to residents of the Atlantic Provinces of Canada

** Please note that my appointments are ONLY during the day (no evenings or weekends)

***You can usually transition from the BASIC Program to the Advanced Program without much delay

*****A mandatory FREE Zoom consult call will take place with both partners PRIOR to making payment. This is to find out about your specific needs, to see if we are a good fit to work together and give you a chance to ask all your questions before committing.*8

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This video details my Counselling Programs

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Ignite Your love. Prioritize your relationship.

Take action. Heal wounds. Break negative patterns.

Be the loving, resilient couple you want to be.

My couples counselling programs are for those who are ready to take action and prioritize their relationship.

I want to help you reach the levels of connection and love you desire and deserve.

So... are you in?

Imagine what it would feel like to...

Become the couple everyone is jealous about

Be at peace with your relationship - and trusting you'll always be supported

Have a stronger connection than you've ever imagined

Break out from behind your fear to create the Love,

Passion and Connection you want.

Here's how we'll get you there

Couples Counselling & Educational Program

First we

Assess your relationship: Strengths & challenges, History, Attachment styles, Current and past trauma, Communication patterns, Quality of sexual relationship, Needs and goals

Next, we

Create Emotional Safety and Presence: Expressing unacknowledge fears and needs, Re-engaging in the relationship, Gaining understanding and compassion for partner, Becoming more intimate, Trust and healing takes place.

Then we

Take Charge of Your Negative Interaction Cycle: Discover each others emotional triggers and automatic coping responses, Practice different steps to step out of your patterns and create healthy communication, Feel empowered as a team

Lastly, we'll

Build Lasting Connection & Resilience: Learn how to effectively repair from arguments or moments of disconnect, Activate friendship, Create commitment to prioritize relationship,


These highly intensive couples counselling and educational programs are for couples TRULY committed to breaking through negative patterns and grow as a couple

It's for couples who know that growing as a couple means they have to take a serious look at their own contribution to the couples' situation and are willing to commit to the process entirely

It's not for couples who are just coming in thinking their partner is the only one needing to change, or are just coming in to say they "tried everything", but not ready to REALLY put in the work

Here is what you'll get in this one-of-a-kind counselling and educational program with Tina LeBlanc:

  • Quality service and attention from a highly trained and experienced Licensed Couples Therapist who specializes in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples (EFT)
  • 11-20 Bi-weekly counselling sessions that last 90 minutes to allow for greater depth and progress over the typical 1-hour therapy sessions
  • Hands-on experience and knowledge that continues in between therapy sessions through a thorough digital training program and couples exercises created to deepen your connection, increase speed of progress, and help to prioritize your relationshi

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Sign a 5-month contract

to SAVE your relationship

With regular couples counselling that goes session-per-session, couples can be more tentative and are not always 'all in' to do the work - which can create vulnerability in their success.

Committing to sign a contract and pre-pay for services creates accountability and more chances of success.

16.5 Hours OR 30 Hours of Personalized Couples Counselling

I intentionally do longer sessions (90 minutes) so we can get right to the root of the issues that block connection and growth. Sessions are done online through a Zoom confidential video platform and will soon be offered in-person when requested.

I guide you to really tune-in and respond to your partner in a loving and supportive way. This makes it easier for you to continue doing this in between sessions.

Lifetime access to our

Couples Educational Program

After each therapy session you get access to training videos and couples exercises that I designed to walk you through every step you will need to create, maintain and grow your relationship with ease.

This helps you own the tools and skills you need as a couple much faster than in traditional couples therapy alone - creating confidence as a team and a deeper connection.

Quaterly Group Q & A Coaching Calls with Tina and Michael

Every 3 months, my husband joins me to help out with a Live Coaching Call.

It's a webinar format where we address questions and bring more knowledge on a variety of relationship topics.

It's a great way to learn and keep the momentum going in your relationship. No other therapist wil offer you this kind of on-going support for Free even after you finished your couples counselling program.

Extra Bonus Resources

Get free access to additional resources I have developed

  • An e-book: "Creating Intimacy- In and Out of the Bedroom"
  • Our BY365 Newsletter with a weekly article or blog on how to Better Your Health and Better Your Relationships
  • Access to our Facebook Group called 'Better Your Relationships'

Time Doesn't Heal... Action Does!

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