Taking Charge of Your Relationship

A 16-hour digital training course for couples

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Taking Charge of Your Relationship

In this 4-module course you will discover…

Where Are You Now?

  • Take a quiz to hone-in to your relationship needs 
  • Learn the 3 most essential skills to develop in your relationship (Accessibility & Responsiveness, Emotional Risk-taking, and Respect) 
  • Start intimate conversations to understand each other & connect

Take Charge of Your Negative Communication Cycle

  • Understand your negative communication loop as a couple
  • Learn how to track & prevent your couple's cycle by owning and changing your moves
  • Understand how to recognize your triggers & how to step out of them with your partner

Repairing & Healing

  • Learn how to transform your relationship “hurts” into a deeper connection & healing
  • Discover how to fully validate your partner & be emotionally accessible 
  • Never sweep anything under the rug again with our Process of Repair

Moving Forward

  • Capture the deeper connection you have with loving acts
  • Learn how to become a resilient couple
  • Renew your commitment by planning to prioritize your relationship

Live Coaching Calls 

You’ll also get access to our live Q&A sessions where couples can ask personalized questions. This provides on-going support as you continue to apply the tools & strategies you learn in the “Taking Charge of Your Relationship” course.

Priority Preference for Couples Weekend Retreats

Because you’ve shown us you are committed to your relationship success by purchasing this “Taking Charge of Your Relationship” course, you get bumped up to the top of our wait list if you should request a spot in our next Couples Weekend Retreat OR if you wanted to access couples counselling sessions.

Private Facebook Group

The BetterYourRelationship365 is an exclusive private group for those participating in Betteryourself365 couples programs. This is the perfect place to discuss your progress & to celebrate your relationship wins. 

You’ll also have a weekly dose of inspiration, tips & strategies (and even free training) to keep growing your relationship knowledge & skills. 

Taking Charge of Your Relationship

When you finish Taking Charge of Your Relationship you will:

1. Feel reconnected as a team and recommitted to prioritizing your relationship

2. Finally know how to stop the negative communication loops that can take over your relationship and leave you feeling alone and disconnected

3. Know how to provide emotional safety to your partner

4. Have a Road Map to create the kind of relationship that lasts a lifetime

Taking Charge of Your Relationship comes with

detailed worksheets attached to each lesson.

What You Get in this Incredible Offer:

  • 10 hours of video lessons with 2 experts
  • 8 Private exercises (total of 6 hours)
  • Video lessons are accessible for a lifetime
  • Lesson worksheets with exercises
  • BONUS Crash Course Training: 'The 10 Habits of Happy Couples'
  • Relationship assessment
  • Unlimited access to Live Q&A webinars for on-going support
  • Private Facebook Group - 'Better Your Relationship'
Tina LeBlanc

Tina LeBlanc

I'm Tina LeBlanc, a seasoned couples therapist and 1/2 of the Better Yourself 365 team. I have almost 20 years of experience helping couples work through relationship issues.

We have designed a digital online course that you can take with your partner, to help you build the skills and knowledge to TAKE ACTION together in making true changes in your relationship. This is a 4-module course that you take at your own pace in the comfort of your home. When you take this training seriously you can rest assured that you are building the solid foundation of your relationship. We have developed this program based on the same approach that we use in couples counselling - Emotionally Focused Therapy.


Michael LeBlanc

Michael LeBlanc

I'm Michael LeBlanc, a seasoned and certified therapist and the other 1/2 of BetterYourself365.

In this virtual training, Tina and I will guide you step-by-step, on how to exit from a relationship cycle that is leaving you feeling helpless and alone, to one that feels empowered and emotionally connected - in just 6 weeks! There are lots of powerful couples exercises built-in and we are there to support you if needed after you finish.

Can't wait to work with you!


We can't wait for you to join us on this journey.

- Tina and Michael LeBlanc

Husband and Wife, Certified Therapists & Relationship Experts

Taking Charge of Your Relationship
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