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This 3-hour Crash Course is based upon

The 10 Habits of Happy Couples book.

It is perfect on its own,

or to complement your learning as you read the book.

It is designed with the “busy couple” in mind - composed of 13 short videos, followed by conversations starters that can be completed with your partner at your own pace.

What You'll Get In This Crash Course:

In this smartly written course with proven tips and strategies, the authors walk you through the 10 essential relationship habits to create lasting love.


Tina and Michael bring a warm voice of compassion, mixed with extensive knowledge, as they take the complex issues of relationships and break them down using relatable, easy-to-understand language.


Key highlights from The 10 Habits of Happy Couples Crash Course:


  • Discover the 5 foundational elements of a happy relationship

  • Understand your arguments and exit from your negative communication patterns

  • Incorporate their “CPR Process” to help you repair from arguments and disconnection and create a resilient bond

  • Learn the skills of tuning into yourself and develop emotional risk taking with your partner

  • Identify and lessen your emotional triggers so you become less reactive

  • Bring self-compassion and respect into your relationship.

After taking this course, you will have no excuse but to take immediate action toward creating healthy habits in your own relationship. You will want to refer this course to your friends and family so they can also learn this lifetime formula to become a Happy Couple.

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Book by Tina and Michael LeBlanc
Book by Tina LeBlanc and Michael LeBlanc

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