Come Spend a Virtual Weekend with us & Transform Your Relationship

We, Tina and Michael LeBlanc at BetterYourself365, have a mission to empower people to be healthy and show up fully in their relationships with their life-partner and their kids.

We can teach you the mindset and strategies to Better Your Health and Better Your Relationships every day. 

Our Virtual Weekend Retreat will help you

Better YOUR Relationship

by addressing your blocks to reaching your full potential as a couple.

With our background in Emotionally Focused Therapy, in this Retreat we will help you:

  • Feel reconnected, empowered, and hopeful
  • Learn how to be a team again, and prioritize your relationship
  • Take full ownership of how each of you contribute to the problems in your relationship
  • Understand the skills needed to continue positive momentum in your emotional connection

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you will leave with more understanding & compassion for yourself and your partner- and feel much more connected.

* See below for the exceptions that can apply

** If you are a client of Michael's, due to ethical considerations, unfortunately you will not be able to take this Retreat. Please contact Tina for more support options:

Registration for JUNE 2022 Retreat NOW CLOSED

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What would you like YOUR results to be?

How do I know if this Transformational Couples Retreat is for me?

This training is for you if you relate to any of these..


  • You are feeling like you are losing your partner...feeling more and more disconnected.
  • You're doing well as a team on most fronts, but it feels empty between you and your partner.
  • You wonder how you can be so competent at work or with your kids, but feel like you're constantly failing in your relationship.
  • You might be exhausted between all the ups and downs of frustration and anger between you and your partner.
  • You are tired of fighting about the same thing over and over.
  • You feel like you've tried everything - you're stuck and feeling helpless, but still feel like this relationship is worth fighting for.
  • Or YOU JUST KNOW that something needs to change in your relationship with your partner because it doesn't feel like it used to - but you're not sure how to change it.


  • You are in a stable relationship, but you want to deepen your connection.
  • You are in the early stages of your relationship and you want it to be the best possible.
  • You are preparing for marriage, or recently married/common-law and want to ensure lasting love.
  • You've been 'divorced' before, and want to prevent this from happening in your current relationship.
  • You feel in a bit of a rut with your partner, and you want to create more intimacy.
  • You want to see the full potential of your relationship and better yourselves.

What You Get in this Incredible Offer:

  • 17 hours of Live Virtual training with 2 experts
  • Workbook & Future Implementation Guide
  • 90-minute Video: '10 Secrets to Lasting Love'
  • Welcome call & Relationship assessment
  • Numerous Private in-class exercises
  • Private support for each couple during the retreat
  • Small group of 6 couples max for privacy & quality attention
  • 1 hour follow-up private session (3-5 weeks after)
  • Access to Monthly Live Q&A video calls for support
  • Private Facebook Group - 'Better Your Relationship'

We can't wait for you to join us on this journey.

- Tina and Michael LeBlanc

Husband and Wife, Certified Therapists & Relationship Experts

What others have said...

"Where do I start! This workshop has changed our lives in so many ways!

Before this, finding the time or money to pay for someone to watch our kids so we could go see a couple’s therapist was too much of a pain to even try. When I saw this online training, I was a little skeptical but it actually solved so many of our issues; quick & easy to access and not too time consuming! So, with little convincing my husband jumped in with me. He felt we needed help to reconnect and I felt like he needed to be more attentive to me and my feelings.

Very early on in the workshop we had a break through!! We started using the strategies to communicate our emotions without feeling attacked or ashamed. My husband opened up to me in ways he had never done before, and what was more important was that I actually saw our arguments in a whole different way! What I thought was him dismissing my feelings, ended up completely being the opposite. I actually recognized that I did a lot of ASSUMING when it came to how my husband felt and it made everything worse. We desperately needed that help to find ourselves again!

Thank you so much for your abundance of compassion, knowledge, experience, passion and positive energy. You knew exactly what people needed to hear at the right time, you empathized with all of our feelings and you made us all feel important. The transformation this course did to our marriage is incredible!! We’ve got so much clarity and insight out of it! Everything was so well organized, well thought out and had purpose! It’s been an amazing feeling to feel so close to my husband again, we’re so happy we found our special bond again."

- Amy & Paul

"As strong as our love was, what we learned about each other in this workshop moved our relationship to an entirely new level. I feel an uplifting happiness in my heart.

I am grateful for the insights you helped us reach about ourselves and each other, and the new deeper bond I feel with my partner. This training was nothing short of life changing. The way it was all brought together was genius. We finished the workshop with a new understanding of each other, tools, and motivation to take on a new chapter in our relationship.

Also, I underestimated the impact of exposure to other couples. Both of us being shy, we weren’t quite sure how we felt about a group workshop, especially online, but somehow, we shared just the right amount for this to not feel like a therapy group… but enough for me to be humbled and truly inspired by others fighting for their relationship.

P.S. I cannot stop talking about your workshop so be ready to inspire way more couples in the near future."

- Lisa & Rick

Registration for the June 10-12, 2022 Retreat is

(Registration DEADLINE is June 3. Limited Spots available.)

* Payment plans with 3 instalments of monthly payments are available upon request with a 10% additional admin fee-

* We reserve the right to screen requests and deny any request due to conflict of interest or lack of appropriateness for the group

We have been married for 17 years and we have two teenage boys. We know how hard it is to keep a relationship healthy, even WITH all of our counseling skills! We have had our share of hardships in our relationship that tested our bond (losing a parent, miscarriage, first child being 2 months premature, work burnout, and other physical and mental health problems). We have found a way to come through these challenges even stronger as a couple, and we want to show you the secrets to do that in your own relationship as well.

Our strategies are also backed-up by our training in Emotionally Focused Therapy, which is internationally-renowned as a 'cutting edge, tested and proven couples intervention'.


Tina and Michael

More Detail into What You Get In This Transformational Couples Weekend...

  • Support BEFORE the weekend retreat with the following: 1) A complete questionnaire to fill out for Tina & Michael to better assist you during the weekend, and 2) A 20 minute welcome call to get to know your specific needs and ensure the technology works well.
  • A free 90-minute video where Tina and Michael share their 10 Secrets to Lasting Love. Couples watch this before the weekend retreat and complete 1 exercise as preparation.
  • 17 hours of live training with Michael and Tina using a Secure Encrypted Zoom online platform.
  • Learn & practice the Four Essential Strategies and Mindset to Transform your Relationship and get multiple opportunities to work privately with your partner during the weekend to deepen your connection.
  • A safe space to explore your reoccurring patterns as a couple, understand each other’s emotional needs and improve your communication.
  • You leave the weekend with a concrete plan and commitment to continue focusing on your connection and build positive momentum. You even get an implementation guide to continue your work.
  • You get the equivalent impact of MANY sessions of couple therapy if you really step up to do the work.
  • Access to individualized support from Michael and Tina DURING the training.
  • And most importantly, you get access to on-going support AFTER the weekend through the following: 1) A private follow up virtual session with Tina- 1 hour (3-5 weeks after the weekend), 2) Monthly Live Q & A sessions, AND 3) Access to a private Facebook Group "Better Your Relationship".

Our Transformational Couples Weekend Retreat will lead to change on a practical level, helping you learn how to create lasting love.

2 Things Are Required To Get Results...

  • BOTH partners are committed to WORKING HARD and feel that their relationship is worth fighting for.
  • BOTH partners are coming into the weekend with an OPEN HEART and a willingness to be completely HONEST with themselves and their partner.


This weekend retreat is NOT for you if you relate to any of these...

  • Your interactions as a couple have become ABUSIVE and filled with CONTEMPT.
  • One partner has given-up trying and doesn't see the point in staying together anymore - they feel FORCED to come to the weekend.
  • Your only goal is to 'change' your partner and you are not willing to take a look at how EACH of you contribute to the problems in the relationship.

* If you meet one of these statements, you likely need more intense therapy that cannot take place in this kind of weekend retreat format. If you still choose to attend, we cannot ensure 100% satisfaction and offer a money-back guarantee in these situations*

Details of Couples Weekend Retreat

Couples Retreat Details

Dates: June 10-12, 2022

Where: On Zoom - A secure link will be sent to you by email


Retreat Schedule

Friday, June 10 - 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm (Atlantic Standard Time)

Saturday, June 11 & Sunday, June 12 - 9:30 am - 5:30 pm (A.S.T.)


Registration for the June 10-12, 2022 Retreat is NOW CLOSED

*If not satisfied with the weekend retreat, please note that a refund request will only be accepted within 24 hours of the end of the retreat. $300 will still be retained for administration fees.

*Cancelation Policy: A refund will be provided (minus the $300 administrative fee) when someone cancels more than 2 weeks in advance of the retreat. If less than 2 weeks notice is provided when cancelling, NO refund will be provided, but the funds can be transfered to another retreat within the year without any penalty.


Then let's talk if you have more questions.

1 - Not sure about the group aspect? Would prefer in person?

Trust us when we say that this weekend retreat will be the best bang for your money. It is an efficient and quick way to get your connection to a whole other level!  But yes, it is in a group and that's not always comfortable!

Disadvantages of a group: More social anxiety; fear of judgment; feels riskier to participate

Advantages of a group: You get 10x the learning because of other peoples experiences and insights; You feel normalized for your problems in the relationship- feeling like you're not alone; You progress way faster because of the group; You get encouragement and validation from others if you choose to share your learnings and insights; there's an energy and empowerment that takes place.


  • We are very experienced facilitators who know how to make people feel comfortable right from the start- even online.
  • We give you all the privacy you need, when needed, and don't force hands on people to share- other than a few selected times that we do want to hear from everyone. However, we don't want people hiding and putting their cameras off either. There's a certain level of participation that is expected.
  • Michael and I will share our own struggles too and this helps others to join in. After all, challenges is part of being in any love relationship. And don't forget that you don't have to share necessarily to still reap benefits.

Bottom line, we are therapists who see couples individually, but WE LOVE GROUPS because there is a synergy that settles in a group that just can’t be there in therapy.  Plus, we love that couples have a more structured way of getting the information they need and have a plan of action to implement some concrete changes right away!  


2 - Wondering how to really make this a romantic retreat when it's online?

Well, there are plenty of ways to built in something special in this retreat. We will send you a Preparation Package with some ideas! We encourage you to think of it as a GET-AWAY to prioritize your relationship. You have to first find a way to make sure you don't have any distractions.

So for now, think about where you would like to be during this weekend retreat... At your house alone when the kids are away with grand-parents maybe? In a hotel room somewhere? Wherever it is, make the plan now and make sure you don't have any interruptions.

3 - Worried about the upfront cost?

Having a one-payment plan is way easier to manage at our end of the business. However, our passion is to help couples who are committed to do the work, so if that's you, but it's the finances that is stopping you, then book a call above and we can discuss a 3-month payment plan option (*a 10% admin fee and a contract would apply).

JUNE Retreat- Registration NOW CLOSED

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