Worry Less, Feel Better

Change Your Anxiety, Change Your Life

In this 90 page e-book, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify anxiety as it enters your body and mind.
  • How to move from an anxious state to a calm state.
  • How to calm your nervous system so that your brain opens up and you can think clearly.
  • Mental and physical strategies for managing and reducing anxiety
  • The importance of quality sleep in the management of anxiety
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About the Author

Michael LeBlanc is one half of the BetterYourself365 team with his wife Tina. He is a therapist with almost 20 years of experience helping people deal with their anxiety so they can feel calm, connected and secure.

Michael has helped 1000's of clients regulate their emotions from the inside out. He learned early on that anxiety is not something that is changed simply by telling yourself that you are fine. Anxiety has to be dealt with by addressing your nervous system. Once you focus on the inside being calm, your words and your optimism will shift.

This e-book is about moving toward calm by changing your physiological state - through physical, emotional and mental strategies that work.

Michael LeBlanc

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